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General information

i.MX53/51/25 Development kits come with prepaid 1 month support packages.
All of the relevant communication between the customer and Voipac should be executed via e-mails.
iMX6 Rex Development kit does not include prepaid support, but we have never refused to provide an advice.

Before contacting support at: [email protected], please read the documentation available at: www.voipac.com/#Downloads.

VOIPAC TECHNOLOGIES working hours are: 8:00 - 17:00, Monday - Friday, except state holidays.

For the brief manual about how to work with the webshop, where to register for shopping and for Newsletter receiving and more, please read the Website functionality brief description page.

Should you need to update or cancel the placed and prepaid order, please contact: [email protected].
Once dispatched order can not be canceled.

For warranty claim and RMA number assignment, please fill in this Warranty claim form and send it to: [email protected].
Claims without the Warranty claim form filled in will not be processed.
For more information, see our General Terms and Conditions.

Besides the free-of-charge support, we provide support for your new designs when it comes to the special drivers for the peripherals not included in the Voipac development kits, design of your own base boards, prototyping, or even new products development, please contact: [email protected] for more info.

By registering on the site, you will be granted access to the Voipac Ticketing System, where you can post support request tickets and receive e-mail notifications upon any change of your ticket's status.

Products' Life Cycle PHASE

Voipac products are divided into 4 phases:

- INTRODUCTION PHASE, approximately the first 6-12 months.
  The last software issues are still being resolved.
  Product in this stage is the most suitable for new designs.
- ACTIVE PHASE, the first 1-3 years following the product introduction.
  Product software packages are stable, additional functions, OS and GUI are being released.
  Product in this stage is suitable for new designs.

- MATURITY PHASE, approximately the first 4-6 years after the introduction.
  Products are shipped in volumes, additional functions additions declines.
  Product in this stage is no longer recommended for new designs.

- EOL PHASE, approximately 7-10 years after the introduction.
  Used components availability decreases, although product may still be purchased under specific circumstances.
  The Last Time Buy notification is send to all product users app. 6 months prior to product discontinuation.
  Components stocking service for discontinued products and manufacturing of further production batches is available.

To find out the specific product life cycle phase, visit its product page and check the title color.

CE compliance of Voipac products

The CE label is a mandatory conformity mark for complex electronic devices placed on the market in the European Economic Area and each product sold within the EU needs a CE Certificate of Conformance that ensures that the product conforms to the essential requirements of the applicable EC directives.

However, if such complex electronic devices are produced for further processing by the industry, skilled development teams or system integrators, they do not need to observe the above mentioned CE requirements and consequently do not need any identification either. This applies to the Voipac SODIMM sized Computers On Module, because these are not used as stand-alone devices by the general public.

Anyway, to make sure that Voipac COMs can be used in CE marked devices, they are designed to obey the EC directives and the standard configuration SBCs manufactured by Voipac are tested for Electromagnetic Interference and operating temperature ranges plugged in corresponding Base Board and mounted in the standard Aluminium case provided to Voipac development kits.

Please visit Downloads for the testing reports.
Last update: January 02, 2016