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i.MX25 SODIMM Module - MAXimum configuration 
This industrial computer with i.MX25 application processor from Freescale belongs to the group of COMs (Computer On Module), and has been designed for high-performance and low power consumption passive-cooled embedded systems.

It is a 1 mm thick 8-layer microcontroller board including all of the technologically and development demanding parts, saving many man-months of the high-frequency PCB design, complex prototyping, debugging and OS porting, thus minimizing the time-to-market of the customers’ own projects. The module can be plugged into a standard 200pin SODIMM socket which allows base board components to be placed even below the module.
It is manufactured in three standard configurations, however, can be supplied in a number of others for no extra charge (10+ pcs).

The i.MX25 module contains ARM926EJ-S processor core clocked up to 400MHz. The processor itself supports a number of interfaces such as:
MMC/SD/microSD Card, UARTs, High-Speed USB2.0 OTG, Full-Speed USB 2.0 HOST, I2C, configurable SPI, active and passive SVGA displays with maximum resolution of 800x600 pixels, 4-wire touch screen, Still-picture camera interface, CAN, Power Management, and many more. The module is further equipped with 100Mbit Ethernet chip and is available with Linux 2.6 preinstalled by default. For outdoor applications, i.MX25 SODIMM Module is available also in industrial temperature range (except the microSD socket). For batches exceeding 100pcs, Voipac provides free service of the customer's own boot loader preloading prior to the order dispatch.

Minimum availability
The i.MX25 CPU launched in June 2009 belongs to the group of CPUs included in the Freescale Product Longevity Program, that guarantees a minimum availability period of 15 years for the automotive and medical segments, and 10 years for all other market segments.

Flexibility of the second source
The Voipac i.MX25 SODIMM Module is compatible with the KaRo's TX25 module. For more details, see the i.MX25 SODIMM Module datasheet at the Downloads section.

i.MX25 SODIMM Module MAX specification:
- i.MX258 ARM9 CPU, 400MHz
- 256MB NAND Flash (8bit)

- 128MB SDRAM (16bit)

- 512Kb I2C EEPROM

- 32Mb SPI Flash
- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
- microSD socket
- 121 GPIOs
- 200pin SODIMM connector
- JTAG connector pads
- Power supply single 3.6V to 5.5V
- Dimensions 67.6 x 38.0mm
- Preinstalled OS Linux 2.6
- Extended temperature range of -20°C to +70°C
- RoHS compliant

Voipac provides complete schematic of the i.MX25 SODIMM Module to every complete development kit purchased for free.

For the detailed specification, datasheets, software and more, please visit the Downloads section.
Other available configurations (MQO: 10pcs):
- CPU type: i.MX251/253/255/257/258
- NAND Flash: 128/256/512MB
- SDRAM: 16/32/64/128MB
- I2C EEPROM: 512Kb
- SPI Flash: 16/32Mb
- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet: optional
- microSD socket: optional
- available temperature range:
   0°C to +70°C commercial temperature range
   -20°C to +70°C extended temperature range
   -40°C to +85°C industrial temperature range (excl. microSD socket)

Other available OS:
- Android Gingerbread 2.3 (preinstalled upon request, no surcharge)
- WinCE6.0 DEMO image (preinstalled upon request, for surcharge)
- Angstrom (preinstalled upon request, for surcharge)
- Debian 7 (preinstalled upon request, for surcharge)
Last update: January 02, 2016