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i.MX53 Support CD
This support CD is a part of the complete i.MX53 SODIMM PC - Development kit and includes schematics, source codes, applications and other usefull data and manuals.
It also entitles the owner to receive the 1 month free technical support related to the i.MX53 development kit.
All the relevant support communication between Voipac and the customer should be executed via e-mails preferably. Response time is up to 48 hours, except holidays and weekends.
Besides the free-of-charge support, Voipac provides support for your new designs, such as special drivers for the peripherals not included in the Voipac development kit, design of your own base board, prototyping, or even new products development.
Please contact the sales department for more details.

The i.MX53 Support CD includes:

1. Baseboard
2. Display



5. Toolchain

For the updates of the software included at the support CD, please visit the Downloads section.
Last update: January 02, 2016