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i.MX53 SODIMM PC - Development kit Basic

Voipac provides complete printed schematic of the i.MX53 SODIMM Module and 1-month free technical support to every complete development kit.

The embedded development system based on i.MX537 ARM CortexTM-A8 core clocked up to 800MHz has been designed to significantly reduce one's own application development time as well as the final device time to market by allowing:
- parallel software and hardware development
- variable usage of the i.MX53 computer on module (COM), which includes all of the technologically and development demanding parts
- free access to the documentation including complete Altium Project files of the i.MX25 Base Board
Moreover, the i.MX53 Development kit is an ideal choice for customers running multiple projects with different hardware requirements, as the i.MX53 SODIMM Module supplied with the development kit can be easily replaced by other two cross compatible SBCs, the i.MX51 SODIMM Module or i.MX25 SODIMM Module.
The VMX53 system on module (SOM) is targeting:
- automotive
- consumer
- medical
- general industrial markets
with need for an advanced multimedia and power-efficient  system including integrated display controller, full HD capability, enhanced graphics, security and connectivity features.

Besides the pricelist-listed configurations, the i.MX53 single board computer (SBC) and the universal Base Board can be supplied in required customized configuration (MQO: 10+ pcs), thus allowing fast presentation of the new system concept as well as fine tuning of the device applications even in the pre-prototype phase. Furthermore, a simple SODIMM Module replacement represents a possibility of getting powerful system out of economic one. The module comes with a preinstalled OS based on Linux kernel 2.6 and GNU utilities. Support for Android, WindowsCE and other operating systems is under development.

The i.MX53 development kit is used to accelerate the project launch on a new platform and represents the possibility of parallel SW and HW development. At the final stage of design period, the developed application can be easily placed into your own, more economic base board together with the Voipac SODIMM Module. Voipac provides the schematics of the Voipac i.MX53 SODIMM Module and SODIMM Base Board to make the custom baseboard design even easier. With such a support, it is possible to design and set up a new device in a very short time.
Voipac provides the service of a customized base board design, prototyping, certification or volume production

The i.MX53 Development kit further provides configurable switches, buttons, GPIO pins and LEDs for simple user interaction, thus simplifying programming of one's own applications. Among the most significant attributes of the i.MX53 platform is low power drain with excellent MIPS/mW performance enabling usage in a battery-operated devices, high CPU performance, plenty of available interfaces and glueless connectivity to various passive and active LCDs with 4-wire resistive touch screens. The DVI-I connector provides direct connectivity to a generic CRT or TFT screens, supporting maximum UXGA resolution of 1600x1200 pixels in a 16 bit mode. Besides all the standard PC peripheral interfaces you are used to, the system provides numerous communication channels as well as universal expansion slots and connectors.
Support for the nonstandard or customer's peripherals can be realized upon request, please contact sales department

The i.MX53 EMBEDDED PC - Development kit Basic is supplied in a stylish aluminum case with the following I/O connectors:
- 1x RJ45 (10/100Mbps Ethernet)
- 1x VGA DVI-I (analog + digital video output)
- 1x RS232 DSUB9 male (terminal output)
- 4x USB
- 1x mini USB (capable of operation in OTG mode)
- 2x Jack stereo 3.5mm (stereo LINE IN/OUT, Microphone mono IN)
- 1x micro SD card socket
- 1x RESET push button
- 1x POWER push button
- 1x Power jack 5.5/2.1mm
- 3x user LED diodes

For the detailed specification, manual, datasheets, software and more, please visit the Downloads section.
i.MX53 SODIMM PC - Development kit Basic includes:
- SODIMM Module in BASIC configuration + printed schematic
- SODIMM Base Board
- JTAG cable with serial line
- Support CD with documentation, software and i.MX Base Board
  schematic (the CD entitles for 1-month-free technical support)
- Aluminium case set
- Serial port cable
- Crossover Ethernet cable
- SODIMM socket
- JTAG pitch compression connector

Last update: January 02, 2016