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iMX6 Rex Base Board

This Open Source Development Base Board has been designed as a carrier board for the iMX6 Rex Module by FEDEVEL Academy, which focuses at ARM boards Schematic and PCB design courses.
It extends the list of iMX6 Rex Module peripherals by wireless support.

Documentation availability
This Development Base Board design is completely free for personal and commercial use, as long as you attribute the initial work to the original author. Feel free to download and modify the iMX6 Rex Base Board files for your projects. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

iMX6 Rex Development Base Board includes:

• Front panel:  
                         - MIC IN
                         - LINE IN
                         - LINE OUT
                         - Headphones
                         - microSD CARD
                         - RESET Button
                         - ON/OFF Button
                         - User Button
                         - User LED
                         - Power LED
• Back panel:
                         - Power 7-24V DC
                         - 1GB Ethernet
                         - HDMI with Audio
                         - 2x USB
                         - RS232
• Side panels:
                         - access to 2x SIM
                         - CFAST
• Bottom side:
                         - 2x PCMCIA mini card socket
• LVDS + backlight + touchscreen
• Second SD socket with Activity LED (not accessible from panel – can be used for OS and can be sealed with a protection label)
• Accessible on headers:
                         - 1x USB
                         - Modem Speakers & Microphone
                         - 1x TTL Serial port
                         - 1x SPI
                         - 8x GPIO (can be used for Buttons, LEDs, ...)
• On board RTC clock backed up with battery, EEPROM
• Debugging (Optional): PCIE slot, SATA connector, micro USB OTG A/B
• ATX power support (optional)
• Four additional holes for heatsink (if needed)
• Size: 135 x 110mm
Extended temperature range of -20 / +85°C
• RoHS

Customized configurations
Besides the standard configuration, the iMX6 Rex Base Board can be customized and tailored based on the customer needs with no additional surcharge (MQO: 10+ pcs).
For outdoor applications, iMX6 Rex Base Board is available also in Extended Temperature Range.

For the detailed specification, datasheets, software and more, please visit the Downloads section.
Last update: January 02, 2016