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iMX6 Rex Display Set

The new TFT EDT display with LVDS interface has resistive touchscreen and mounting ears to ease usage with your own product prototype. When purchased together with the complete iMX6 Rex Development Kit, the display is installed on the top of the iMX6 Rex Base Board and the set has Android 4.4.2 KitKat preinstalled.

iMX6 Rex Display Set consist of:
- TFT EDT display with LVDS interface and resistive touchscreen
- touch pen
- H-shaped auxiliary aluminum holder
- display adapter board
- flat flex 33-wire cable, 127mm long
- 20-wire display + touchscreen cable
- necessary connectors, screws, nuts and spacers

The used EDT Display ETV570G6DHU specification:
- resolution in dots: VGA 640 x 480
- outline dimensions in mm: 147.60 (W) x 100.00 (H) x 11.70 (D)
- diagonal size in inch: 5.7 (14.50cm)
- color depth: 262,144 colors
- brightness: 400 cd/m2
- effective area in mm: 117.2 (W) x 88.4 (H)
- active area in mm: 115.2 (W) x 86.4 (H)
- dot size in mm: 0.06 (W) x 0.18 (H)
- pixel size in mm: 0.18 (W) x 0.18 (H)
- touch: 4-wire resistive
- interface mode: LVDS
- backlight: LED, color: white
- LED lifetime in hours: 40 000
- power supply voltage: 3.6V
- operating temperature: -10°C - 70°C
- RoHS

For the detailed display datasheet, adapter schematic + Altium Project files, LVDS with touchscreen display connection and installation guidelines please visit the Downloads section.
Last update: January 02, 2016