Company was awarded the Crystal Disk prize

Voipac received the Crystal Disc award for the NetPhone NP210, which is the first IP Phone in the world, made on Intel PXA255 platform and the very first with OS Linux! The device has been designed by Voipac development team as a terminal equipment of the VoIP fayn network. NetPhone 210 is a full-value IP Phone compatible with H.323 set of protocols. The PC connection is not necesery, the IP Phone is capable of operating independently. LAN and PC connections are made by two Ethernet ports. The phone contains full graphics LCD screen with 128x64 pixels, displaying all important information (call station name, date and time, credit amount, etc.). Software is built on OS Linux which offers common functions such as phonebook, calendar, calculator, etc. Furthermore, as an open platform, it permits the system integrators to upload other applications. NetPhone 210 supports NetMeeting and other H.323 compatible voice transmission applications.