PXA270 DIMM Base Board

This multi-purpose development base board was designed as a carrier board for the PXA270M and PXA270 DIMM Modules. It does not only provide flexible development environment necessary to explore the full functionality of the PXA270M and PXA270 DIMM Modules, but when used with a module and 2.5" HDD, closed in a stylish aluminium case, the set turns into a ready-to-use adapter-powered EMBEDDED PC containing all the standard PC peripherals.
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The board provides an analog VGA connector for the direct connectivity to a generic CRT and TFT screens, supporting maximum resolution of 1024x768 pixels / 65536 colors in a 16 bit mode. Connectivity to passive and active LCDs with 4-wire resistive touch screens is realized via the carrier board connectors and headers.

The keyboard and mouse can be linked through PS2 or USB connectors. The board further includes audio input and output, reset buttons, MMC/SD card socket, mini USB, PCMCIA interface slot, and Compact Flash socket.

The PXA270 DIMM Base Board has on board 5V switching power supply with input voltage ranging from 7V to 37V. Maximum output current of the regulator is 3A thus limiting baseboard, module and all connected peripherals to 15W maximum power consumption. The fanless carrier board also provides configurable switches, buttons, GPIO pins and LEDs for user friendly interaction thus simplifying programming of one's own applications.

To accelerate your own product development, Voipac can support you with all of the difficult-to-source components used on its baseboards, such as the 200-pin SODIMM socket (3D view) or the pitch compression JTAG connector.

• Power supply: 7V to 37V

• Real Time Clock battery backup

• Dimensions: 168 x 105mm

• 0°C to +70°C Commercial temperature range

• RoHS compliant

• RJ45 (10/100Mbps Ethernet)

• VGA DSUB15 (16bit)

• RS232 DSUB9 male (serial terminal output)

• 2x USB-Host (stacked)

• USB OTG 2.0 device mini (PC2PC networking supported)

• 2x jack stereo 3.5mm (stereo LINE IN/OUT, Microphone mono IN)

• 2x PS/2 DIN6 mini (mouse and keyboard controller)

• PCMCIA socket

• Compact Flash socket

• MMC / SD card socket

• DDR1 200-pin SODIMM socket

• JTAG (board-to-board pitch compression connector)

• RESET push button

• USER push button (GPIO1)

• power jack 5.5/2.1mm

• 3x LED stacked

• IDE 2x 22-pin 2mm header (ATA2 interface for HDD or CDROM)

• USB Switch 2x 3-pin 2.54mm header

• display 2x 13-pin 2.54mm header

• backlight 4-pin 2.54mm header

• touch 4-pin 2.54mm header

• JTAG ARM Multi-ICE 2x 10-pin 2.54mm header

• I2C 4-pin 2.54mm header

• BT UART 2x 3-pin 2.54mm header

• STD UART 4-pin 2.54mm header

• SSP 2x 3-pin 2.54mm header

For the prototyping purposes, the PXA270 DIMM Base Board can be supplied in any requested configuration with no additional processing surcharge (MOQ: 10+ pcs).

For the detailed specification, datasheets, schematics, BOM file, binaries, installation guidelines and more, please visit the Downloads section.