100-pin Shielded Connector

The baseboard receptacle header ensures a robust connection to the iMX8M Industrial Module, iMX93 Industrial Module and iMX91 Industrial Module. 100 low-density pins with additional ground strips provide strong and reliable peripheral connection. The wide operating temperature range of the header makes it a perfect choice for demanding embedded solutions, where industrial-grade quality of board-to-board connection is essential.
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This header provides an excellent performance in challenging and rugged environments. To ensure minimum interference, it features shielding metal fittings not only along the connector's signal pins, but all the way around them – ideal for a stable-performance embedded system. This metal shielding is furthermore connected to baseboard via 10 additional ground pins.

The 3mm COM-to-carrier board stacking height provides high contact reliability due to wide wipe and mating length of the physical connection, as well as optimal heat dissipation. This distance allows baseboard components to be placed directly below the module.

Besides the 3mm connector mating height assembled by default, this board-to-board receptacle header is also available in 2 and 2.5mm stacking heights to fit smaller, thinner case designs.

Three pieces of this connector are mounted on the top side of the iMX8M Development Baseboard as well as supplied separately with each complete development kit in order to speed up the customers' own prototyping.

• Current rating: 0.3 A per pin

• Voltage rating: 50 VAC

• Maximum number of cycles: 50

• Operating temperature range: -55°C to +85°C

• Maximum operating relative humidity: 95%

• RoHS compliant

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