iMX8M Industrial Heatsink Set

This standardized heatsink was selected for enhancing heat dissipation during high-performance tasks. Spring holding system takes advantage of iMX8M Industrial Module and Baseboard mounting holes pitched 30 x 30 mm. All of the necessary mechanical parts are included in the set.
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The aluminium heatsink provides the iMX8M Industrial Module processor with increased thermal protection.

To keep the module with the heatsink in place and to further improve reliability even in harsh environments with a lot of vibrations and shocks, two mounting holes with 3.1mm diameter and wide clearance are used.

Standardized 30x30mm pitch of the mounting holes enables further advantage of fitting a variety of heatsinks with mounting tabs and springs. This approach eliminates the need to use unreliable adhesive tape with a small heatsink, or to design both time and money intensive customized heatsink with unknown efficiency.

The heatsink is supplied with the overall height of 25mm, but it is available in different dimensions ranging from 8 to 35mm.

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