Practical Yocto Deployment Course

Voipac created an efficient learning tool to understand the Yocto Project environment and its practical implementation. This easy-to-follow course covers the whole building and porting process of Linux BSP (board support package). It is composed of detailed and densely packed hands-on training sessions, that are perfect for any embedded software engineer looking to immerse into the Yocto deployment. Its content, detailed description, frequently asked questions can be accessed and the course ordered at the Fedevel educational platform.
To utilize the course to its full learning potential, it is essential to learn the porting procedure and to test the created images on an actual development kit. Understanding this, Voipac prepared a special offer package to maximize the learning curve. After ordering the course at the Fevevel portal, you can claim the iMX8M Industrial Development Kit with a 100,- EUR discount by using the coupon code #yocto-package-100 at the Voipac webshop. This combination of knowledge bundled in a package with the hardware kit, streamlines the embedded software porting process, making the course an ideal learning tool for development teams with a tight schedule.