iMX Development Baseboard

The peripheral-rich iMX Development Baseboard was created to present the functionality, connectivity and performance of the iMX8M Industrial Module, iMX93 Industrial Module and iMX91 Industrial Module. It does not only provide flexible development environment, but offers numerous design features or connectivity options by its own.
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The combination of cross-compatible industrial module family and iMX Development Baseboard offers a complete development platform comparable to a standard SBC in terms of dimensions and price, however with more flexibility in design and performance scalability.

The baseboard provides numerous interfaces, buses and connections which offer customers unique opportunity to evaluate all of their needs at just one platform. While supporting all the standard features of the module, the carrier board provides also several high-definition video outputs, including DisplayPort, as well as two camera inputs. Many of them were ported, tested and built into the official Voipac software distributions and are available for purchase as recommended accessories.

Other significant feature of the baseboard is the full access to all the boot mode selection signals via configurable DIP switches, allowing any possible i.MX8M CPU boot mode scenario to be tested. Customers can also benefit from the support of various storage devices such as SD card, USB hard drive or SATA interface emulated via M.2 key B slot, that were tested and are available.

The baseboard has a 1.6mm thick 6-layer through hole vias PCB thus can be easily modified to fulfil your requirements for the peripherals and to fit the final device housing. The complete Altium Designer project documentation of the iMX Development Baseboard, including schematic and PCB, is available at the downloads section.

• Board-to-board connectors:
3x robust, 100-pin, low-density connectors with wide operating temperature range of -55°C to +85°C, featuring shielding metal fittings along the connectors signal pins

• Front panel:
     • USB-C
     • Serial console via micro USB
     • LVDS0 / NHD connector
     • NHD Touch connector
     • LINE OUT
     • MIC IN
     • Headphones
     • Reset button
     • Power button
     • 5x Control buttons (Enter, Up, Down, Right, Left)

     • LVDS0 / KOE connector
     • 3x integrated digital microphones

• Back panel:
     • 1Gbps Ethernet
     • 2x USB 3.0
     • HDMI with Audio
     • DisplayPort
     • CSI1 connector
     • CANbus module headers
     • Power jack 2.1 / 5.5mm
     • Input power selection switch

• Side panel right:
     • Power input terminal block
     • 2x Antenna brackets
     • LCD backlight

• Side panel left:
     • CSI2 connector
     • SAI header

     • KOE Touch connector

• Bottom side:
     • Micro SD card
     • PCIe Mini slot + Card latch
     • SIM Card for PCIe Mini slot
     • M.2 key B slot
     • SIM Card for M.2 key B slot
     • Battery holder

• JTAG ARM Multi-ICE 2x 10-pin 2.54mm shrouded header

• SAI1, SAI2, SAI3, SAI5 2x 20-pin 2.54mm header

• CANbus module 2x 8-pin 2.54mm headers

• CPU fan 1x 2-pin 1.25mm shrouded header

• LCD backlight 1x 2-pin 2.00mm shrouded header

• I2C+GPIO 2x 7-pin 2.54mm shrouded header

• UART+SPI1 2x 7-pin 2.54mm shrouded header

• UART1 console 1x 6-pin 2.54mm header

• UART2 console 1x 6-pin 2.54mm header

• UART1 switch 2x 3-pin 2.54mm header

• UART2 switch 2x 3-pin 2.54mm header

• UART4 switch 2x 3-pin 2.54mm header

• Power input selection switch

• S1 Boot 2-position DIP switch

• S2 Boot 8-position DIP switch

• S3 Boot 8-position DIP switch


• Power LED

• User LED

• WLAN on module LED

• Bluetooth on module LED

• M.2 key B DSS LED

• 3x PCIe Mini LEDs (WWAN, WLAN, WPAN)

• Power supply: +5V DC (+5%)

• eFuse Power Protection with undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, in-rush current and reverse polarity protection

• Power selection switch: power jack / OFF / terminal block

• On board RTC clock backed up with battery

• On board QSPI Flash 256Mbit

• Configurable switches for boot selection

• Mounting holes with wide diameter and clearance:
     • 2x for module + heatsink
     • 4x for KOE display / standoffs
     • 4x for NHD display
     • 2x for half-sized PCIe Mini card
     • 2x for M.2 key B cards

• Dimensions: 170 x 117mm

• Extended temperature range of -20°C to +70°C

• Lead free, REACH / RoHS compliant

For the prototyping purposes, the iMX Development Baseboard can be supplied in any requested configuration with no additional surcharge (MOQ: 10+ pcs).

Environmental chamber setup description and test results.
EMC test setup description and results.

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