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Targeting development groups demanding enhanced computing power and increased connectivity.

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* Customized configurations available upon request, please contact sales. MOQ is 10pcs, no surcharge.

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The adapter powered PXA270 DIMM PC - Development Kit Pro is based on the Intel XScale® ARM® PXA270 processor. It is supplied in a stylish aluminium case that is able to accommodate a standard 2.5" IDE hard drive and via an analog VGA connector provides direct connectivity to generic CRT or TFT screens, supporting maximum resolution of 1024x768 pixels in a 16-bit color mode. PCMCIA interface, MMC/SD card and Compact Flash sockets significantly enlarge the possible usage of the development kit. AC'97 bus, used for high-definition audio data stream, also proved to be a very useful feature. Besides all the standard PC peripheral interfaces, the system provides multiple communication channels as well as universal expansion slots and connectors.

PXA270 DIMM Module is the world first System On Module with outstanding maximum capacity of 256MB SDRAM, consisting of 4 separate memory chips.

PXA270 DIMM Module Pro
PXA270 DIMM Base Board
JTAG cable:
JTAG cable - LPT
PXA270 Aluminium case set
200-pin SODIMM socket
Pitch compression connector

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