iMX93 Industrial

Development Kit

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491 EUR
Available on June 10, 2024
Targeting skilled development teams building energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions with excellent performance.

kit configuration.

* Customized configurations available upon request, please contact sales. MOQ is 10pcs, no surcharge.

kit include.

This embedded system with i.MX 93 ARM® Cortex®-A55 core and real-time Cortex-M33 co-processor was designed as a development platform for the iMX93 Industrial Module Pro, which includes all of the layout and technologically intensive parts, thus when used as part of the final device, significantly reduces its time-to-market.

The CPU delivers the industry’s first dedicated neural processing unit (NPU) ARM Ethos™-U65, bringing machine learning, edge computing and human-machine interface (HMI) solutions into the embedded segment, allowing complete system-level and energy-efficient artificial intelligence applications to be developed with ease.

The kit features all of the essential high-speed interfaces such as eMMC NAND Flash, LP-DDR4(X) RAM, LVDS, USB together with many industrial must-haves including dual native CAN, dual Gigabit Ethernet, analog-digital converters (ADCs), and further supports numerous communication peripherals like WiFi, Bluetooth, or Audio - all of them soldered right on the COM.

The iMX93 Industrial Development Kit Pro is also an ideal choice for customers running multiple projects with different hardware requirements, as the iMX93 Industrial Module supplied with the development kit can easily be replaced by other two cross-compatible COMs, the iMX8M Industrial Module or iMX91 Industrial Module, representing a possibility of getting economic system out of powerful one.

The kit is available with extensive documentation to accelerate a project launch on a new platform, represents the possibility of parallel hardware and software development, and re-use of the developed applications as well as source code.

iMX93 Industrial Module Pro
iMX Development Baseboard
USB cable:
Micro USB Cable
Ethernet cable:
Patch Ethernet Cable
3x 100-pin Shielded Connector
Screws, nuts, spacers, standoffs
Yocto Project 4.2 Mickledore Linux distribution

kit status.

  • Approximately the first 6-12 months.
  • The last software issues are still being resolved.
  • Product in this stage is the most suitable for new designs.

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