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Targeting customers demanding enhanced networking solutions and communication services.

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* Customized configurations available upon request, please contact sales. MOQ is 10pcs, no surcharge.

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Being our first significant customer-driven project, Voice Over IP gave the name to our company. Voipac started the very first public telecommunication service based on the voice transmission over the internet in the Slovak and Czech Republic called fayn. Its quality has been proven by overwhelming positive feedback, which led to the nomination for Crystal Disc prestige award, and by many articles published ever since.

As the company has broadened its orientation towards other sectors of the electronic industry, such as embedded systems, it offers this unique opportunity to purchase the gathered knowledge in form of a fully functional development kit for a very attractive price.

Besides all the parts included in the IP Phone Development Kit, Voipac further provides the complete hardware files such as the schematics, PCB, test report certificates, or even Gerber files. Extended libraries of software development tools, source codes and user guides are also available. By using the original BOM with the reference cost of the standard hardware, together with the components suppliers list, even the manufacturing expenses can be significantly reduced.

IP Phone:
NetPhone NP 210
JTAG cable:
JTAG cable - LPT
Serial cable:
Serial Port Cable
Ethernet cable:
Patch Ethernet Cable
Ethernet cable:
Crossover Ethernet cable
IP Phone Adapter

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  • Approximately 11-15 years after the introduction.
  • Used components availability decreases.
  • The Last Time Buy notification is send to all product users app. 6 months prior to product discontinuation.*

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