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Targeting customers demanding scalable, efficient and compact solutions for consumer market.

kit configuration.

* Customized configurations available upon request, please contact sales. MOQ is 10pcs, no surcharge.

kit include.

The embedded development system based on i.MX515 ARM CortexTM - A8 CPU clocked up to 800MHz was designed to be used as a fully functional embedded PC or as a development platform for the i.MX51 SODIMM Module Pro, which includes all of the technologically and development demanding parts, thus significantly reducing products time-to-market.

The development kit can be supplied in various configurations, which enables fine tuning of the targeted device specification. Moreover, it allows a simple replacement by other two cross-compatible COMs, the i.MX53 SODIMM Module or i.MX25 SODIMM Module, representing a possibility of getting economic system out of powerful one.

To make the custom baseboard design even easier, Voipac provides the schematic of the i.MX51 SODIMM Module and the complete Altium Designer project of the i.MX25 SODIMM Base Board.

The i.MX51 SODIMM PC - Development Kit further provides configurable switches, buttons, GPIO pins and LEDs for simple user interaction, thus simplifying programming of one's own applications. Besides all the standard PC peripheral interfaces, the system supports numerous communication channels as well as universal expansion slots and connectors.

The i.MX51 SODIMM Module Pro comes with a preinstalled OS based on Linux kernel 2.6.35 and GNU utilities. Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread is available upon request.

i.MX51 SODIMM Module Pro
i.MX25 SODIMM Base Board
JTAG cable:
JTAG cable with serial line
i.MX25 Aluminium case set
Serial cable:
Serial Port Cable
Ethernet cable:
Crossover Ethernet cable
200-pin SODIMM socket
Pitch compression connector
Module fixation clips
OS Linux 2.6.35 preinstalled

kit status.

  • Approximately the first 6-10 years after the introduction.
  • Products are shipped in volumes, additional functions additions declines.
  • Product in this stage is no longer recommended for new designs.

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