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Targeting skilled development teams building multimedia or other demanding and compact solutions.

kit configuration.

* Customized configurations available upon request, please contact sales. MOQ is 10pcs, no surcharge.

kit include.

This is a complete development environment designed to present the functionality, connectivity and performance of the iMX6 TinyRex Module Ultra, ideal for evaluation and application development purposes. It is targeting skilled development teams building multimedia or other demanding and compact solutions.

The system supports unique HDMI video input interface, up to 4GB of soldered DDR3 RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, I2C, SPI, UART, SATA, HDMI, LVDS, USB 2.0, PCI Express, CAN, DSI MIPI, SD/MMC for storage, 3D video and graphics acceleration, and many other useful connectivity and multimedia interfaces, which can be easily accessed by means of physical connectors or standard pitch headers.

To further support your fast prototyping, each development kit includes datasheets, manuals and complete Altium Designer project documentation of iMX6 TinyRex Base Board Lite such as schematic and PCB, making the re-routing of a large number of iMX6 TinyRex interfaces extremely easy.
The confidential schematic of the iMX6 TinyRex Module in PDF, providing answers to further engineering questions, is also part of a complete development kit.

Besides the standard configurations, the iMX6 TinyRex COM/SOM and the universal iMX6 TinyRex Base Board Lite can be supplied in required customized configuration (MOQ: 10+ pcs), allowing fast presentation of the new system concept as well as fine tuning of the device applications even in the pre-prototype phase.

iMX6 TinyRex Module Ultra
iMX6 TinyRex Base Board Lite
iMX6 TinyRex Aluminium Case Set
Serial cable:
TTL-232R-3V3 Cable
HDMI cable:
HDMI High Speed Cable
Ethernet cable:
Patch Ethernet Cable
Power source:
Power Supply 5V 20W
3x 100-pin Connector
Aluminum 35 x 35 x 10mm heatsink
Screws, nuts, spacers, standoffs
SD card:
16GB microSDHC Class 4 memory card
Yocto Project Linux distribution (Android 7.1) preinstalled on microSDHC card

kit status.

  • Approximately the first 6-10 years after the introduction.
  • Products are shipped in volumes, additional functions additions declines.
  • Product in this stage is no longer recommended for new designs.

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